Biblical Solutions to Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Stress and Depression


Do you need tips on how to deal with your anxiety? Have you struggled with dealing with stress and depression? Do you know how to deal with your OCD? Do you worry about everything or not care about anything? Do you live in stress and fear that your body feels like you are dying? Then this is the CD series for you. In this 5 CD set, you will be able to look at your issues from a biblical perspective. You will also get biblical solutions on how to deal with your anxiety, stress, depression, OCD and more!

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This series will give you the hope that you have been looking for. Tom Nelson of Denton Bible Church and national marriage conference speaker, shares his story of depression and anxiety as well as others who have been there. You will learn the ways he learned how to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, OCD and more. You’re not crazy or going crazy; it just feels like it. Learn practical ways to overcome your emotional distress by doing it God’s way.

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