Steve Leavitt

Co-author with Tommy Nelson

Steve Leavitt

Co-author with Tommy Nelson

Walking on Water

When You Feel Like You’re Drowning:

Finding Hope in Life’s Darkest Moments


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“Hope for Life and Steve Leavitt are a plumb line of truth to a hurting and confused world.”

Tommy Nelson
Denton Bible Church

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Walking on Water When You Feel Like You’re Drowning

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How Do I Overcome Anxiety?

The all-consuming feeling of worry and guilt is so heavy in you, on you and around you, you feel like it’s almost a monster or separate being that is attacking your heart, mind and spirit. It’s a secret battle to overcoming anxiety, fear, worry and more. The load is too heavy to carry. Remember: Satan, the Father of Lies, wants to accuse you, confuse you and bombard you so that you cannot discern the truth from the freedom Christ has for you. So, get ready to take in the truth… for it shall surely set you free.

Sample Audio: Biblical Solutions to Anxiety

by Steve Leavitt

1. Identify your obsession
You need to distinguish between what your obsession is and who you are as a person. It does not define who you are; it’s just something you struggle with. You are not a bad person because you obsess, no more than a person with diabetes is bad because they struggle with the body’s inability to create insulin. Your obsession is not you. It’s simply a struggle you need to get tools to learn how to deal with.
2. Give your thoughts a safe place to run to
Your Heavenly Father also knows you are hurting and He is here to help. He is not going to leave you to suffer alone in this. When you are in the moment where your thoughts have you trapped, remember there is safety and shelter in God. Turn your focus from what you have been thinking about and begin to zone in on the light of God’s Word and who He is. You can run to Him until the calamities have passed you by.
3. Humble yourself, and find your roots in God’s love
It seems counterintuitive because you may have never felt worse about yourself. But the truth is, feeling bad about yourself is not humility. When you come to a place where you can admit to God that the load is too heavy… then God can lift you up. We tend to suffer in secret. We are weak, but Christ is so strong that out of His glorious riches He can strengthen our inner being.
4. Take your obsession, confession and sin to God
There are many times we experience so much guilt with our thoughts that we don’t know what to do. The good news is, if we confess it to Christ He promises to forgive us and purify us. It all stops with Him. The obsessive mind is always searching for something to feel bad about. One of the most important tools you can use is to learn the distinction between self-condemnation and God’s correction. In reality, they are worlds apart.
5. Praise God amidst your fear and find freedom
Christ experienced all the pain and suffering on the cross, so you could be free. Free from fear, free from guilt, free from the judgments of our sin, free from the law, free from slavery–just free. What an amazing gift! Take hold of it. Don’t let it go. Thank God for it. Enjoy it and praise Him. God can deliver you from every single one of your fears. You will gain power over your anxiety when you no longer fear it.

About Steve Leavitt

Steve Leavitt is a Christian author, speaker, and biblical counselor in New Braunfels, Texas. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in biblical counseling. Steve is an ordained Minister who has been ministering and counseling for more than 25 years and has produced multiple anxiety resources. He also has an extensive teaching ministry through speaking and CDs on the subjects of marriage, parenting, and biblical solutions to anxiety and depression.

Steve has a wonderful wife, Marty, and four children, Dane, Madison, Blake, Maleah.


“Meeting Steve Leavitt saved my life. I struggled with severe depression for over 10 years. Nothing helped me overcome it until I learned life-changing principles Steve taught me through counseling, Biblical direction and real-life solutions. I encourage anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, or fear to use the resources Steve provides. They will absolutely, without a doubt, change your life.”

Lawrence Vaughn, Dallas, Texas

“Finally—a book that addresses a subject that literally tens of thousands battle with and can’t get answers to… especially in the church. Depression has been sidestepped as a weakness. Many think ‘if God was enough’ they wouldn’t suffer, leaving them paralyzed by clinical anxiety and depression. Tommy and Steve have given firsthand encouragement for those who feel there is no answer and have reached out with a helping hand to truly tackle this tough subject. I’m so grateful for their honesty and vulnerability to help others find victory.”

Keith Chancey
President of Kanakuk Institute and
Director of Kanakuk Kamps K7

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